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Escape Room Master Class


The creative activity template pack you can enjoy with your kids!


Fully engage your kids with this captivating escape room design challenge. These quick-start templates make crafting an escape game together simple and fun. Perfect for classroom adventures and family-time shenanigans!

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1: Download the pack for 10-13 year-olds

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2: Print it out anywhere


3: Create a masterpiece together

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4: Days of fun in your back pocket!


Grab Your Designing Pen! Here's How It Works:


Learn all of our enchanting escape room design secrets


Practice on ready-to-play puzzles and templates


Laugh together as you craft a magical escape room game!


Then, you win free games! Just send us a video of your masterpiece in action.


Unleash Your Kids Creativity!


Creative fun for summer break!

Nothing engages kids like creative play (just look at Minecraft!).

That makes crafting an escape room game the ultimate kids activity (don't worry, adults can love it too!). Escape room design combines logical puzzle creation with artistic themes to kickstart critical thinking and ignite creativity.

It's basically learning... but fun!

This Escape Room Master Class is designed as an ongoing project that will keep your kids entertained for days. (So it's a total vacation win!)

We've included all the step-by-step instructions, printable templates and escape room party props you'll need to craft a truly epic escape room experience.

Get ready for an excited few days!

What You Get Inside The Master Class Activity Pack:


A complete creative group activity

All the templates and instructions you need are here. Prepare for hours, days, and weeks of creative fun!


Ready-to-play puzzle templates

Includes real puzzles from our best-selling games - all ready for you to play and edit for your own design.


Printable props and fun extras

From moustaches to zombie hordes, everything you need to level up your escape room game is right here!

You'll Also Get These Free Perks

Refund guarantee stamp

Risk Free Refund Guarantee

If you don't love it, you don't pay for it. That's a full refund. No questions asked!

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There's A Person Here to Help

After all, that's how things should be. Just drop us a question via email or Facebook.

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Earth Friendly. Always.

Since you just print what you need, there's no wasted packaging or postage. Go you!

You, Or Your Kids, Can Even Edit The Activity Pack!


We're handing you total control.

That's right. The entire pack is 100% editable. You can easily tailor the design experience to fit your own group perfectly!

Just jump onto the simple PowerPoint Experience Editor and 'click and drag' to customize anything you like.

You can even use the art assets to create your escape room adventure digitally.

Need an example? Check out how easy it is to modify our game kits.

And, You're Paying It Forward:

Thai girl

Tragically, not all kids get to design cool games. So 20% of the profit from your purchase will be donated to help kids and communities escape poverty. That's a win!

This is an amazing conversation starter for your kids and classrooms around their global impact.

Perfect For Families And Classrooms:


Got a family vacation coming up? How are you planning on surviving summer break?

The Escape Room Master Class is guaranteed to keep your kids healthily engaged without the use of tech.

But hey, why not design an escape room game as a family?! Taking on this group project forms the perfect backdrop for ongoing conversation, quality family time, and developing important creative skills.

Need to keep a classroom in check? The Escape Room Master Class is a great ongoing assignment. In fact... it'll likely be your students' favorite project!

The design process develops both logical thinking and creative expression in your students. Plus, assign it as a group project and your kids will also learn to work as a team.

No matter how you use the activity pack, you win!

Plus, You Can Win Free Games!

You've got two prizes up for grabs:

*only those who have bought the Escape Room Master Class pack can enter.

1. Send us a video of your escape room masterpiece, and we'll give you a free game of your choice!


Shoot a video (at least 1 minute or longer) of your game in action.

Give us the grand tour! What's the theme? What puzzles did you use? Did you make any special customizations? What's the secret answer?

Send us your video by email (the address is inside the Master Class pack), or our 'contact us' form. We'll send you back any escape room game you choose!

2. Send us a 1-min video of your escape room, AND send us a copy of your game. You could win 4 free escape room games!


Are you proud of your grand creation? You can win ultimate glory (and 4 free games) by entering our Escape Room Hall of Fame! Here's how you can enter:

  1. Send us a video tour of your escape room in action - at least 1 minute long.
  2. Send us clear photos/scans of all of your game components.
  3. Our escape goblins will play your game a couple of times.
  4. If it's found to be worthy, then you'll earn a spot in our Hall of Fame. You'll receive an honorary wizards' title AND a copy of our Big Box of escape room games!

Send your game by email (the address is inside the Master Class pack), or our 'contact us' form.

Ready To Kickstart Creativity In Your House?

Your kids will never forget this one! Just download, print, and let the adventure begin!


A complete activity kit with all the puzzles, templates and printable props you need to design an epic escape room game.

Totally risk-free with a 100% money back guarantee. Don't love it? Don't pay.

Simple design instructions that make your life so much easier!

Or... Save Cash By Getting A Bundle!

We've thrown our best escape room games into themed boxes bursting with fun. This means you're about to have entertainment sorted for every upcoming anything.

Click the escape box below that suits you best and get ready to become the fun champ!

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Big escape room box
VIP escape room box

Kids Box

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  • 4x Escape Room Kits
  • Lost Mummy
  • Rebel Revolt
  • Escape Quest
  • Frost
  • Bonus: Treasure Map pack
  • Show Me

Big Box

$49 Save 60%
  • 4x escape room kits
  • Envy
  • Escape Room Z
  • Lost Mummy
  • Rebel Revolt
  • Bonus: Skulls Card Game
  • Show Me

VIP Party Box

$99 Save Over 60%
  • 6x escape room kits
  • Envy
  • Lost Mummy
  • Escape Room Z
  • Rebel Revolt
  • Escape Quest
  • Frost
  • All 5 Kids Educational Games
  • Bonus: Treasure Map pack
  • Bonus: Skulls Card Game
  • Bonus: Halloween Pack
  • Bonus: Thanksgiving Pack
  • Bonus: Christmas Pack
  • VIP early access to games
  • Lifetime FREE copies of all future games. Boom!
  • Show Me