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Setup Guide For The Lost Mummy Escape Kit

Which version of the game are you playing?

Old and new game version

Exciting news! We've re-released The Lost Mummy as version 2 with all new artwork, more interesting puzzles, and more engaging gameplay.

If you've already downloaded Version 1 of the game just head over to your Games & Account page to download the new version. We've also emailed a link to anyone who had previously purchased version 1 so you could search your inbox for the email titled "Here's your free escape room kit"

If you would like the setup steps for Version 1 of the game they can still be found here.

You're the Host


As the host of this event you, or another adult, will prepare everything so the kids can escape.

Your role is like the Game Masters from other Escape Rooms. Once the game starts you'll do a quick intro, keep things running smoothly, and check answers for each challenge. Don't worry there's a simple 1-page cheat sheet.

The rest of this setup guide will take you through:

  1. Customizing the game (optional).
  2. Printing the kids escape game.
  3. Preparing the puzzle sheets.
  4. Adding extra style.
  5. Tips for classrooms and large parties.



So, What Will This All Look Like?

Yes, you could totally unleash your diabolical mastermind and create a labyrinthian puzzle room inside your house (just like the Adams did!), but most likely, your game will look like this one:

Customize The Escape Game



If you plan to play the base game without customization, scroll down to Printing the Game.

However, if you enjoy creating custom puzzles, you can easily edit the game using the Designer's Kit included in the download. This is easier than it sounds since the entire game is built using PowerPoint. In other words, if you're comfortable with editing a Word document you have all the skills you need to become an Escape Room Designer!

Just click on the Designer's Kit folder, inside the game download, then open the Designers Kit.pptx file. For a full guide check out the Mod's page.

How to edit the game:

  1. Open the Designers Kit PowerPoint.
  2. Customize whatever you want using the included artwork or your own. Some great customization ideas include:
    1. Referring to the birthday child by name.
    2. Add the school, or holiday camp, name.
    3. Create puzzles around 'in' jokes or learning outcomes.
  3. Mix and match elements or combine with real-world props, such as padlocks. For example, 1 of the 3 challenges result in a 4 digit code so you can quickly add a combination lock.

Need inspiration? Check out this teacher's EPIC game modification here


We've got a bonus for you!

Included in your escape room kit is a separate download called 'Extended Story Mod'. Check it out!

This is a mod put together by a particularly ingenious escape room fan that turns the Lost Mummy into a more narrative-style adventure.

Thanks Kristy - this is epic!


Printing The Escape Kit

You can find the game under the folder Game, then double click the file Lost Mummy.pdf. From here you can print it out on standard paper at home or take it to an office store for professional printing. It's sized for US paper sizes but will still print on international paper (A4).

There's no need to use high gloss paper, or professional printing since the gritty style looks almost identical either way. Using thicker paper does add a nice touch, but again it's by no means necessary.

The game is designed for a team of 4 players. So, if you have a larger group, just print the kit out several times, and run the game as a competitive team event. For example:

  • 2-4 players = print once.
  • 5-8 players = print twice.
  • 9-12 players = print 3 times.
  • 12+ = simply divide the number of players you have by 4 using the calculator on your phone

Printing The Bonus Gear

Lost Mummy has a bunch of extra stuff you can include to enhance your escape room theme. Everything from photobooth props, posters, party invites, Facebook event details, and even a bonus game can all be found under the Props folder in your download.

They're all optional but totally worth it if you'd like to make a truly immersive escape room for your kids.



To print the posters just open the pdf under Posters folder. You'll most likely only want a few of them, so when you click print type in the slide numbers separated by commas.

How to print selected slides
Separate slide numbers with commas.

Photo Booth Props


You can find the photobooth props pack in the Photobooth props folder (which is inside the Props folder - Props > Photobooth props).

Open the pdf file called Ready to print.pdf

Unless you want to print the whole document, make sure to specify which pages you want to be printed, just like you do for the posters above.

Once printed, cut out the props, pose, and let the adventures begin!

(TIP: You may want to tape a skewer to the glasses to make them easier to hold)

Birthday Party Invitations

If you'd like to print the birthday party invites you can find these under the Invitations folder. Open the PowerPoint file and edit whichever invite you like the most.

These are perfectly sized to be printed as normal 4x6 photos (the small photos people always print). To export the final invitation choose File -> Export -> Choose the JPEG file format and Save every slide. This will export all of them as photos, so delete whichever ones you don't want.

From here you can print them as photos by putting them on a USB drive. Alternatively, just share them via Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook Cover & Event Description

The themed Facebook event cover is perfect for sharing your DIY escape room experience with everyone who's coming.

Click the box below for a template event description you can Copy-Paste into Facebook

Tripwire Challenge To End The Game


This bonus challenge will finish the game with a physical puzzle and a few laughs. It's totally optional but fits into the storyline at the end of the game (click the box below to see how but it's a bit of a spoiler so if you're playing the game as a family with your kids just set this up and plan to do it at the end)

Set it up by taping string, rope, or streamers throughout a hallway, or between furniture items,  like in the picture below.

Players must touch each of the ‘Pressure Plates’ along the way without touch any of the cords. If they do, the ancient Egyptian trap will trigger!

Print it out from inside your download under the folder Props -> Trip Maze. Feel free to edit the game with specific instructions on the Pressure Plates such as 'Head' or 'Elbow'.

Setup the Puzzle Sheets

The Lost Mummy requires players to solve many different challenges that come on the puzzle cards you just printed out.

Since they can be solved in any order you can place the escape puzzle cards in any order you like, or anywhere around your home/classroom.

If there are many kids playing it's best to leave the puzzle cards in piles and then place the piles in different locations.

What Are The Answers?


During the game, kids can either come to you for hints or use the hints page on their phone. If you've got a manageable group size just open up the hints section on your phone and let the kids come to you. This will allow you to give the best hint for where each group is at and help teams catch up if they're falling behind.


Now you're ready to begin the game!


Follow this basic script when kids arrive:

  • Since this is a new experience for most children, explain how escape rooms work. A good hook is asking if anyone's played a digital escape room app.
  • Use your most dramatic voice to read out the storyline below. It's also on the hints page which you'll probably want ready on your phone.
  • Each team should appoint a leader and choose a team name.
  • Players will enter their answers into the Solutions Card. Each answer will fit exactly into one of the boxes provided to help your crew know when they've got it correct. The answers will have many 'aha' moments because it's very obvious once a puzzle is done. For example, when random letters magically spell Pharoh they'll know they've crushed it.
  • (Optional) Teams can race with the winning team finishing first, or play this 60-minute timer video on your phone.
  • (Optional) If they can't complete the game in time they'll need to drink 'mummy juice' from a canopic jar to survive as long as possible. Then give them a hint to get through. You can make 'mummy juice' by blending M&M's, milk & ketchup into a smoothie. It looks gross but tastes ok and kids love this stuff.
  • They will need pens, scissors, glue/tape, and spare paper.
  • Get everyone hyped up and begin the game!

Open the hints page on your phone so you can give your crew the answers, and don't' forget to play the background music.

The Ground Trembles...


As an explorer, you've always dreamed of adventuring through Egypt. It’s where your grandfather, Howard Carter, discovered the remains of the ancient pharaoh Tutankhamun.

But he had a secret.

Something he never told anyone other than you.

He believed there was another tomb connected to the first. A hidden tomb. A Lost Mummy

That's what you've spent years preparing for, and now it's your chance to find it! While the boat ride to Egypt took forever, you've finally set foot on dusty sand ready to unearth this mystery.

Bonus: Add authentic Egyptian style with these optional extras

Padlock on scissors puzzle

Add combination padlocks

One of the solutions (Stone Block Cut out) has been designed as a 4 digit code, so you can easily add combination padlocks to the game. To do this:

  • Place the challenge's puzzle sheets in a box or container.
  • Seal it with a padlock and set it to the combination below.

Long Lost Chamber: 3245


Posters and Invites

Print as many, or as few of these as you like:

  • Scene Posters: great for setting the mood in each room
  • Victory posters: for group selfies
  • Invites: print or share these directly on Facebook

Get Additional Props

How to run the escape game in a classroom or large group:

The best way to run The Lost Mummy for a classroom, or large party, is a simultaneous race to finish first.

Just print out a copy of the game for every 4-6 players then follow these steps:

  1. Split the larger group into several teams of 4-6 kids that will race to finish first.
  2. Each group can play simultaneously.
  3. Hand out just the first challenge to each team, and get them to come to you with their answers. When they get it correct pass them the next challenge. This helps keep things in order and prevents confusion.
  4. Make a big event out of revealing the winning team since this will be a highlight of the challenge.

Want More Adventure?

Try Rebel RevoltA Treasonous Escape Room Kit That Transforms Your Home Into A Daring Adventure.

It's an easier challenge that's perfect for casual puzzle masters, or teen parties.

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