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Top 6 Ways to Play Escape Room Games This Summer


You can escape more than the heat. Take your summer family fun to the next level with a printable escape room kit you can play ANYWHERE!

Beginning of the game.

You can't escape the summer.

But you can have some serious escape room fun with it!

You may not be so crazy about the sweat, the mosquitos, or your kids' daily litanies of "I'm boooored" (I swear, you could set a watch by it!). But there's hope. With clear skies and warm weather comes some crazy opportunities for totally awesome escape room adventures.

Grab your adventuring buddy and head outside, because here are the top five ways you can play awesome escape room games this summer:

1. Take it to an exotic location:


It's beautiful outside, why not grab the family and take them on an unforgettable adventure?

Using a printable escape room kit, you can play literally anywhere. For real! Sarah took her friends on a hike over a Columbian island and played escape room games on the beach.

Unfortunately, not everyone lives on a perfect island. Instead, you could play by the poolside (or laminate the game and play underwater!), in the park, or even just in your backyard.

Just print out all the game pieces you need, pack some cool snacks, and head on outside. You can play literally anywhere! (Well... almost anywhere. We haven't tested these games in space yet, but we assume they work well.)

Tips for playing outside:

  • Double-check you've printed everything you need.
  • Print a backup sheet in case the puzzle sheets get wet or dirty. (Or, laminate them!)
  • Research whether you will have internet access. If not, you will need to copy the hints and solutions down beforehand. (Or, just play Révolte Rebelle and print out the printable hints page)
  • Consider your game surfaces. Will regular tape be strong enough to attach the game sheets to a coconut tree, or will you need to bring a tack? Will your players have a decent writing surface? Maybe bring clipboards.
  • Bring speakers for cool vibes, and snacks for morale!

2. Hide in an escape room with air conditioning


Ok, here's the thing. I can't stay outside all summer.

Maybe you can, but I need a dark little cave to retreat to!

If you can find a good escape room venue near you that also has air conditioning, this is a great option. Not only does it get you out of the heat for one glorious hour, but you get to have a blast with your friends at the same time!

Of course, you'll need to find the escape room first, which can be tricky, especially if this is your first 'real' escape room. No worries though - we've got your back!  We can help you find an escape room that is just right for you.

3. Unleash your creative genius!


Sometimes, it can feel like summer is melting your brain as much as your ice cream.

Designing an escape room game is the perfect way to keep your mind sharp, and your kids engaged.  Not to mention, it's simply a amusantes family activity!

You don't have to start from scratch though. We've made an Escape Room Master Class for you to work through with your kids. It has all the step-by-step instructions, templates, puzzles, and props you need to make a thrilling escape room game.

Ready to become genius puzzle designers?

4. Level-up your summer events

Let's face it, Uncle Joe's family barbecues are starting to get stale, even if his breadrolls are fresh as ever.

Mix things up by printing off an escape room kit and bringing it along! These are perfect group party games to get people talking and laughing together.

You could print these games for any event, so long as you plan to be done in an hour. For example, Dan used Rebel Revolt to pass the time with his 50 boy scouts while they waited outside for their parade to start. How awesome is that?!

5. Go on a scavenger hunt


Scavenger hunts are always a super fun adventure. That's why we made our Kids Escape Quest kit primarily a scavenger-hunt game.

Summer is already a magical time for your kids - games, holidays, and perfect weather. What's not to love?! Why not make this one a summer to remember by hosting an epic scavenger hunt?

The goal of a scavenger hunt is to follow the clues to reach the prize at the end. Maybe they're searching for a box of ice-cream cones. Maybe it's the WiFi password.

Regardless, you can make the scope as big or as large as you like. Search the house, or scour the city, it's up to you.

Tips for an epic scavenger hunt

  • Clearly set the boundaries. Make sure everyone knows what is 'out of bounds' to minimise frustration.
  • Stash a secret prize inside a fun little box.
  • Hide clues at one location to lead your players to the next, where they have to look in their immediate area for the next clue.
  • Mix-up your clues, add some puzzles into the mix that they have to solve to get the next clue. (Need puzzle ideas? Check out this list)

6. Family game night at home


The family that plays together, stays together (unless it's Monopoly, in which case, you're on your own!)

Have yourself a chill night by just gathering around the table, throwing down a printed kit, and having some fun. You could ramp up the AC and play inside, or maybe bring it to the yard and solve a murder under the stars. It's up to you!

Setup for a simple game night is super simple - just print the game and put it on the table. Done! Night of family fun, guaranteed!

What Adventure Will You Choose This Summer?

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2+ joueurs

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Ados :


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Treasonous mission that takes you on a daring superspy adventure.

Adultes :


2+ joueurs

Comical Zombie thriller with a splash of highly infectious z-virus. (Bring pizza!)

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