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How to Play & In-Game Hints

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I've kind of lost my... body!


You and your friends can hardly contain the excitement as the 100 Year Winter Faire is on today!

While wandering the woods following an enchanted map a mysterious Wisp whispers to you...

"My my my... you feel so familiar..." says the Wisp.

"Why that is I cannot say!? I awoke this morning with no memories ou body! Not that I mind all this flying around but I'm a little worried."

"The only flashbacks I have are from a Winter Faire, but that's not possible since the poster says that was 100 years ago..."

"Could I trouble you for help in piecing together who I am? Otherwise, I fear I may be lost like this forever..."

Comment résoudre les énigmes

  1. Résoudre les énigmes de cet Escape Game implique d'établir des liens latéraux entre des indices ou compléter des missions, comme des labyrinthes.
  2. Start where any good adventurer would ? by looking at the clues on the puzzle cards. Some are easier to tackle than others, so check them all out to get a feel for how things work.
  3. Inscrivez vos réponses sur le Winter Feast sheet. If you're not sure where an answer fits, keep solving other puzzles and use the process of elimination.
  4. Don't worry about knowing when a puzzle is solved. Each puzzle has just one way of solving it and finding the right word answer. The answer is usually a word or sometimes a two-word sentence.
  5. If you're really stuck, you'll find indices further down this page.
  6. Au fur et à mesure que vous remplissez le Winter Feast sheet, a single letter from each puzzle answer will combine along the Wisp Trail to form a final word.

P.s. don't forget to hit play on the custom background playlist.

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Feeling Stuck? Ask Your Wisp Friend For A Hint...

Feel a little stuck? Don't worry, your helpful little Wisp has a few ideas. Just tap the escape room puzzle you're tackling for some ideas.


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